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At HONGFU, quality is concentrated effort of all employees, each employee is personally responsible for their own part in the mold making process, and must make sure that their work is complete and correct before transferring to the next process.
We have advanced measuring equipment's (projector, CMM, etc.), all of our inspection equipment's and inspection tools are calibrated annually by recognized organization or in-house by our selves make sure they are matching standards. We carry out rigorous quality control system at each stage of the entire manufacturing process, stringent pre-trialing checks and pre-delivery checks to ensure that all the customer's requirements are met whilst our highly skilled technicians attend all mold trialing to undertake fine tuning or modification as required.

Our quality control begins with receipt of an order, and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process, testing, packaging, and shipment to the customer. When mold is completed and delivered,our customers also receive: Final 2D and 3D tool design drawings, process parameter sheet, video of mold running automatic, steel certificate, sample inspection report, heart treatment certificate, hardness testing report etc together with the mold.

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